Civil Responsibility

Education in the Square Project
Education in the Square promotes community integration in an event held at a local square. With educational and leisure purposes, the action mobilizes several partners to offer free activities in the areas of health, culture, civil responsibility, education, legal support, sports and entertainment.

Fashion Recycle
Fashion Recycle is an event that is part of the cultural calendar of the city of Piracicaba and is held every June. The goal is developing environmental and social awareness among the youth in the community through creativity, revealing talents in the area of fashion. Students in institutions and public and private schools have the opportunity of showing clothes made by them with reused materials. The articles are created using the most varied materials: plastic bags become skirts and PET bottles become dresses. With a lot of imagination, children and youth learn the importance of material recycling and reuse. The ticket to watch the show is one liter of milk and the donations go to charities in the city.

Civil Responsibility Project
The Civil Responsibility Project has the goal of promoting actions that emphasize the importance of developing participant individuals who are aware of their duties and rights in society. This project includes socio-educational actions at schools, nursing homes and in the communities where the Foundation is active, focusing on topics such as: Senior Living, Financial Economy, Drugs, Traffic and Social Inclusion, among others.